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UK BIGO Hosts !

We are in search of UK BIGO Hosts who want to become hosts and turn into a star ✨ joining us today we could make this happen all you need to do is apply via our website and get rolling your dreams you must be very serious about this as 30hrs per month would be required to reach your targets so what are you waiting for come and join us today !

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Become a paid BIGO Host

We are now hiring and looking for new hosts to come and join us and become a paid BIGO Host if you got what it takes then please apply ‼️‼️‼️

Coming soon...

We have new items in our shop and lots more coming soon so be sure to check us out as we will soon be selling all kinds of stuff for women/men you don't wanna miss it visit. https://www.kingovkingsage


Just want to say that we have a lot of hosts that have recently joined us and are doing well, it's been a good month for Auditioning new hosts just hope we get more !


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