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Kingovkingsagency Hosts Club !

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You can enter for this also ‼️‼️‼️

Dear Hosts,

We're excited to introduce a new type of PK - the 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM Talent PKs, starting January 29th.

Here's how it works:

- The losing side of each PK will perform a funny punishment.

- Admins will ensure the punishment is completed.


【📣 Clash of Family Territory 2024 - Civil Clash】

⏰ First stage "Civil Clash" LESS THAN 16 HOURS LEFT (UK Time)

💥 HUGE BEANS, and much more rewards are waiting for you!

🎁 3 Stages with amazing rewards! For families & top family members spenders & top family members receivers, Maximum 6% Beans Rebates based on the event points!!

✨ Make sure to achieve 50,000 event points or be TOP1 family in your group to be advanced for next stage!

🔥 Check the event page and the link below for more information!

Dear Hosts,

Please sign up for events for next week

We apply strict punishment rules to host events:

1. No-show, late cancellation or escaping before the end of the PK will be punished.

2. Using multiple fake accounts, or virtual avatars to cover the face (5 times or above weekly) or not showing the face will be punished. Using virtual avatars to cover the face (3-4 times weekly) will receive only 50% rewards.


Joy Titilayo won her first PK today good job 💕💕💕



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